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Isla for your Skin 

  1. Let’s get NAKED! We recommend dry brushing before a shower for an easy clean up of dead skin cells. 

  2. Ensure your skin is completely dry.

  3. Start at your ankles and move up your body, brushing towards your heart. Move your brush in long, upward strokes - af if painting on a masterpiece that is your body. 

  4. Dust or wash off dead skin cells with a clean cloth or warm shower. 

  5. Seal in all your hard work with your favourite moisturiser or natural plant oil.


Never use Isla on your face, rashes or anywhere where the skin is broken. 




Isla for your Soul


Lets get NAKED in front of a mirror. Look at every beautiful curve, dimple and vein on your body. Smile at your body lovingly, she has changed so much and taken you so far over the years. 


Start from the bottom of your body. Whilst you dry brushing different parts of your body, thank them for the gifts they have bestowed on you. Here are three examples to get the love going

  • To our strong legs, we thank them for allowing us to run far and wide. They take us to the highest mountains, swim in the deepest of oceans and walk us away from people who no longer serve our highest self anymore. 

  • To our chest, we thank them for holding our precious heart safe, occasionally opening the gates to let someone slip in. May it be a lesson, a season or a soulmate. 

  • To our arms, thank you for engulfing my loved ones in warm hugs that healed them more than they know




Our bodies are so much more than the way in which society defines it. Repeat after me, my body is mine and I have decided it is worthy of love.  

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