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Dry Body Brush

Dry Body Brush

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The Isla Brush is a type of dry brush made from natural sisal fibres. It stems from Ayurvedic medicine and part of India’s 5,000-year-old holistic health care system (garshana). Dry brushing is a technique using a firm-bristled brush like Isla to exfoliate the outer layers of dry skin.

Experience a cleaner feeling from head to toe with our Dry Body Brush! It exfoliates and stimulates the skin, promoting circulation and cell renewal. Plus, this dry brush helps to remove toxins, keep skin looking healthy and glowing, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Pamper Yourself From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Dry Brushing is also a part of a self-care routine passed down from the Ancient Egyptians, they were the pioneers of the extraordinary beauty ritual. They were said to have used the dry body brushing technique going back thousands of years for soft, supple skin.

Enjoy healthier skin, increased circulation and energy levels, and diminished cellulite with the help of this Dry Body Brush - perfect for removing dry cells, stimulating the lymphatic system, and ridding the body of toxins!

    How To Use

    • Let’s get NAKED! We recommend dry brushing before a shower for an easy clean up of dead skin cells. 
    • Ensure your skin is completely dry.
    • Start at your ankles and move up your body, brushing towards your heart. Move your brush in long, upward strokes - as if painting on a masterpiece that is your body.
    • Dust or wash off dead skin cells with a clean cloth or warm shower.
    • Seal in all your hard work with your favourite body lotion or body butter.
    • Never use the dry brush on your face, rashes or anywhere where the skin is broken
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