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Scented Water Bottle

Scented Water Bottle

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Free Scented Pod?

Experience the irresistible scents of our Scented Water Bottle!

The power of scent is undeniable, especially when it enhances your water drinking routine. Choose from 10 mouth-watering flavors with no added calories or sugar. Our Tritan plastic bottles are BPA-free and our metal bottles are crafted from double wall stainless steel.

Experience it yourself and feel the difference!

Each bottle comes with one complimentary scent pod of your choice, so you can sample it before committing to a larger pack. Plus, each pod lasts for over 10 liters and is naturally flavored with 100% food essences, making it vegan and gluten-free.

Elevate your hydration game with our Scented Water Bottle now!

You can find additional pods HERE.

When you purchase a bottle, you'll also receive a free scent pod of your choice to taste before purchasing a bigger pack. Our bottles are available in a convenient 750ml size and are completely BPA-free. Our

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